Future Australian Jobs

“The Hancock Prospecting is built on good Australian values where loyalty and performance are rewarded.”
Hancock Prospecting Executive Chairperson, Gina Rinehart

In every corner of this great country, Australians are chasing their dreams. To be the best at what they do, in Australia and on the world stage.

Through persistence and commitment, team-work and resilience, with pride in what they do.

Even in the toughest of times pathways were found, with a shared vision, wanting to represent Australia, and be the best they can be… and contribute to our nation.

Hancock Prospecting is Australia’s most successful private company.

We have varied and exciting career opportunities across our mining and agricultural businesses, offering avenues for people new to the industry, supporting diversity in our workplaces.

We are investing in Australian jobs and look forward to you joining with us to continue to build prosperity for our great nation, and to set yourself up now and into the future.

Job Vacancies

Across Hancock Prospecting

“Our people are key to our success and we encourage them to be the best so that our Group can be the best at what it does across it’s mining and agriculture assets. We are a place for all Australians to be mates, allies and partners”
Gina Rinehart
Hancock Prospecting Executive Chairperson